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Thomas and you got into a brawl along time back and one day when you went to his house he locks you up in one of the rooms without your knowledge. As you to leave the room, you find yourself locked and stuck in this place. You get really pissed off on him and you feel like fisting him on his jaws but before that you need to find a way out from this place quickly before he gets to far away from you. If you want him to feel your fist, you need to find all the hidden objects in the room which will help you to come out of the room. You’re given hints and other special stuffs which will help you to escape from this room and get a hold on Thomas. So go ahead, play this app and prove your skills and boldness and play the app. Download this free brave app and have a bold time to escape from the room. Instruction: Go through the place find all the objects and hints and make use of them in the right place and escape and give a fist on Thomas’ jaws. Features: • Free to Download. • Attractive Graphics. • Escape App. • Room Escape Game App. • Skill App. • Challenging App. • Brave, Bold App. • Many Challenging Puzzles to Solve. • Simple but Tough to Complete.