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PS Trophies 7.0.8

PS Trophies 7.0.8

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GOOGLEID: ar.com.indiesoftware.ps3trophies.alpha
Title: PS Trophies
Version: 7.0.8 | Looking For ar.com.indiesoftware.ps3trophies.alpha Other Version Click Here
Code: 708
Android Version:
Size: 9.97 MB
MD5: 290cd0da4b6b844ed08c70e398247d78
Keyword: indiesoftware,ps3trophies,alpha,social,trophies
PS Trophies 7.0.8.apk named id ar.com.indiesoftware.ps3trophies.alpha can find in indiesoftware,ps3trophies,alpha,social,trophies size for Download 34287833 Support SDK 21 Android version .

Changes in 7.0.8 Version:
New Version: The app no longer uses a custom server, so some features are still being migrated to the new services Please Read: https://azrq5.app.goo.gl/XktS Added Friends Widget Added Trophies Widget Added Messages Widget Added Night Mode Added Blogs

ar.com.indiesoftware.ps3trophies.alpha.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 37:ED:FC:89:B7:6E:67:65:A4:A5:02:3F:CD:54:53:B9:83:D6:9D:7C
CN=Nicolas Dario Ortiz Sanna, L=Buenos Aires, ST=Buenos Aires, C=54

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