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Data Usage Monitor 1.15.1533

Data Usage Monitor 1.15.1533

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GOOGLEID: com.andcreate.app.trafficmonitor
Title: Data Usage Monitor
Version: 1.15.1533 | Looking For com.andcreate.app.trafficmonitor Other Version Click Here
Code: 1620
Android Version: 4.1.x
Size: 5.86 MB
MD5: d74f572bc7261f5c4b7e8f10efa9e147
Keyword: andcreate,trafficmonitor,tools,data,usage,monitor
Data Usage Monitor 1.15.1533.apk named id com.andcreate.app.trafficmonitor can find in andcreate,trafficmonitor,tools,data,usage,monitor size for Download 34287833 Support SDK 16 Android version 4.1.x.

Changes in 1.15.1533 Version:
ver 1.9.913 (2015/12/21) ・Bugfix for Android4.0. ・Add a button to change the order to the app list screen. ・And other minor fixes. ver 1.8.905 (2015/12/15) ・Modified to exclude the VPN traffic from the total. ・Bug fixes for manual update. ・And other minor fixes.

com.andcreate.app.trafficmonitor.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 35:F0:BE:A6:95:D2:2C:FC:F4:3B:CA:95:65:9C:A5:9D:9D:19:CD:DA
CN=Hideo Tomiyama, OU=Personal, O=AndCreate, L=Nakano Japan, ST=Tokyo, C=81

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