QCustomShortcut is a flexible developer tool that lets you create any shortcut on your Android home. However, you will need a little technical knowledge on Android's Intent API in order to create valid shortcuts. This tool does NOT validate you shortcut in anyway. QCustomShortcut allows you to customize your shortcut using fields shortcut label name, action, data, type, package and class. Use the other additional Category, Extra and Flag attributes to create other custom shortcuts. Extras are typed, QCustomShortcut currently only support String. You can also specify a custom icon for your shortcut. Some samples for creating a few typical shortcuts: File Shortcut Action : android.intent.action.VIEW Data : file:///sdcard/somefile.txt (or, click File button to choose using your file manager app.) Type : text/plain (depends on file type.) Bookmark Shortcut Action : android.intent.action.VIEW Data : http://www.someurl.com Direct Dial Shortcut Action :android.intent.action.CALL Data : tel:1234567890 (where 1234567890 is the phone number to dial.) Direct SMS Shortcut Action : android.intent.action.SENDTO Data : sms:1234567890 (where 1234567890 is receipient's phone number.) Activity Shortcut Package : com.android.settings (or, click the more button to select.) Class : com.android.settings.WirelessSettings (or, click the more button to select.) Ad-supported. Keywords: home shortcut, file shortcut, bookmark shortcut, custom shortcut, shortcut icon, custom intent, open file intent, open bookmark intent.

Settings 6.0.22

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Settings 5.0.36

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Settings 4.40.0

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Settings 7.1.2

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Settings 7.1.1

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Settings 7.0

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Settings 6.0.1

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Settings 5.1.1

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Settings 4.4.2

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Ajustes 2.3.4

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