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What is lantern? Lantern is a, powerful, elegant and material design music player for android! The application was created for a contest, but since the app has been developed, I decided to upload the application to Google Play store for free! Capabilities : · Chromecast support · Folder browsing support · Complete material design (with 13 color schemes for light accent, as well as 13 color schemes for dark accent) · Complete material home design with option to choose between gridview and listview. · Option to select shuffle folder (useful for parties) · Album art and Artist photos automated fetching from Last.fm and CoverArtArchive.org · Built in search function, with audio search · Sleep timer (120 mins) · Home screen widgets · Lockscreen widgets (4.2-4.4) · Daydream support for Android 4.2+ · Muzei extension (album art as wallpaper) · Automatic playback pausing for incoming call, and volume reduction for notifications (using audio focus) · Optimized for smartphones as well as tablets · Complete option to modify the floating action button function. · Supports 4.0.4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) Special thanks to : · Andrew Neal : Apollo Music Player · coverartarchive.org · Last.fm · OpenSilk (for Orpheus) _____ Since the application is new, the application may contain bugs. If you find any, or having any problems, you can contact me via my Google+ profile(in the app), or via feedback section in the application or via the rating system. Continuous updates? Join the community at Google+ : https://plus.google.com/communities/106827208384325557949 Follow me on twitter (@Aniruddhc) or add me to your circles on G+ for updates on the background work on the application. If you liked the application, spread the word, let everyone depart in the beauty of music!

Lantern 1.2.0

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Uploaded On 2015-02-11 17:49:45