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DisplayFusion Remote 2.1

DisplayFusion Remote 2.1

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GOOGLEID: com.binaryfortress.displayfusionremote
Title: DisplayFusion Remote
Version: 2.1 | Looking For com.binaryfortress.displayfusionremote Other Version Click Here
Code: 211
Android Version: 2.3.x
Size: 4.04 MB
MD5: 02ce7088b60ce73651209336ba9d471d
Keyword: binaryfortress,displayfusionremote,tools,displayfusion,remote
DisplayFusion Remote 2.1.apk named id com.binaryfortress.displayfusionremote can find in binaryfortress,displayfusionremote,tools,displayfusion,remote size for Download 9454578 Support SDK 9 Android version 2.3.x.

Changes in 2.1 Version:
- Fully compatible with Android Marshmallow - Added an About button in the menu - Resolved an issue where the software keyboard stayed open after DisplayFusion Remote was closed

com.binaryfortress.displayfusionremote.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 29:E4:16:32:66:BB:6F:4E:1C:4A:9A:61:2F:0C:A8:9C:E8:A5:20:08
O=Binary Fortress Software

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