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An involving card game with bits of magic and simple rules. You've got 9 (4 or 16) cards with the one representing your brave hero, which you move one step left or right, or up, or down. The hero is to go through dungeons, unlock chests, drink elixir, collect coins, cast fireballs, avoid spiked traps, defeat bosses. Break into a number of leaderboards! The game provides simple basic mechanics with roguelike elements, but it is a hard task to become a master. You've got 8 heroes with different tactics to reach as much loot as you can. Knight, Mage, Paladin, Thief, Ruiner, Dark Druid, Sir Lancelot and Berserker. Defeat the boss and add the difficulty of the game and level up the hero. Get a chest at the next card as a reward. A reward in a dungeon? You're might be joking! Certainly, among useful cards one can meet dangerous ones, like poison, for example. --- A Facebook group to support the game, you’re welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lookyourloot/