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I've loved live wallpapers since I had my first Android phone but they were always draining my battery, so I decide to create mine. SIMPLE, SMOOTH, OPTIMIZED AND LIGHTWEIGHT. These are the keywords that sum up this app! Enjoy :) MAIN FEATURE : - It changes every time you go back to the home page or in a time interval - More than 20 different shapes - Infinite color combinations (Palette creator!!!) - Smooth, fully customizable animations - NO BATTERY DRAINING! - Parallax 3D effect - ActionLauncher3 support

Floats 1.6

Floats 1.6 size 6.56 MB
Uploaded On 2016-02-20 00:17:33

Floats 1.4

Floats 1.4 size 6.33 MB
Uploaded On 2017-07-11 13:10:17