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Google Analytics 3.7.5

Google Analytics 3.7.5

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GOOGLEID: com.google.android.apps.giant
Title: Google Analytics
Version: 3.7.5 | Looking For com.google.android.apps.giant Other Version Click Here
Code: 305
Android Version: 4.4.x
Size: 21.69 MB
MD5: 16a0d880ede86adc6caef4c7476c48ef
Keyword: google,android,apps,giant,business,analytics
Google Analytics 3.7.5.apk named id com.google.android.apps.giant can find in google,android,apps,giant,business,analytics size for Download 11138866 Support SDK 19 Android version 4.4.x.

Changes in 3.7.5 Version:
* Analytics Intelligence now understands follow-up questions. For example, if you ask 'How many users on mobile last week?', you can then ask 'What about from NYC?'. * You can now refresh using the icon in the top right (or pull down to refresh) on the 'Select View' screen.

com.google.android.apps.giant.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 24:BB:24:C0:5E:47:E0:AE:FA:68:A5:8A:76:61:79:D9:B6:13:A6:00
CN=Unknown, OU="Google, Inc", O="Google, Inc", L=Mountain View, ST=CA, C=US

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