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The official Boogie Board Sync app. Connect the Boogie Board Sync to your Android device over Bluetooth and watch yourself become more productive and creative. Stay organized: - Automatically download new pages from the Boogie Board Sync. - View or delete pages saved to the app. - Put pages into notebooks for quick access. - Find pages easily using search. - Quick Add: Organize a page by drawing an edge down the side of the Boogie Board Sync. The page will then be automatically moved to a notebook you have selected. Stay creative: - Use your finger to markup pages that were previously created on the Boogie Board Sync. - Choose between a pen or highlighter for editing. - Create pages from scratch, no Boogie Board Sync required. Stay connected: - Share any page as a image, PDF or video. - Exported videos will animate the page exactly as it was draw. - Seamlessly synchronize your pages to Dropbox, Evernote and OneNote. Boogie Board Live: - Share, in real-time, what is being drawn on your Boogie Board Sync with anyone just by sending a link. - More information can be found at www.boogieboardlive.com.