Orc Genocide is a strategy game which has a lot of different game modes. Such like Tower Defense, Waves, Story and the original one, which combines defending and conquering. In the original mode both opponents start with 20 lives, a mine worker and a bunch of gold coins. Original Fight against 3 different CPU(easy, medium, hard) types, against an online opponent or against a friend in splitscreen mode. Tower Defense If an enemy dies you earn money which you can use to buy and upgrade towers. The game is finished if you survive all 30 waves. King Defense Similar to Tower Defense except that you have to protect a King. Waves This mode is similar to the tower defense mode except that you build summon buildings instead of towers. Story Rescue the 6 caged twin sister princesses in the Orcish Forehills. And defeat the 6 stone knights in the Orcish Mountains. Minigames A simple "one tap" jump and run game. Singleplayer and up to 4 player on the same device. Hero Siege Fight against different types of enemies to earn coins and level up your hero to win against the end boss. The game supports splitscreen multiplayer on the same device. Auras are an important key role in the game. They increase the attributes of all your creeps and towers. And even the king in the tower defense mode.

Orc Genocide 1.4

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