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********** Viewer For Access database for Android ********** allow you to Open Access database for Android ( ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format.) to open table Rows with Paging, Sorting and Filtering , * Microsoft Access 2000 database * Microsoft Access 2002 database * Microsoft Access 2003 database * Microsoft Access 2007 database * Microsoft Access 2010 database * Microsoft Access 2013 database * Microsoft Access 2016 database Features • Open All ms Access database Version • open ACCDB database or MDB database . • open table data with paging list. • Filter on specific column Data(With many options) • Sort table data by column • View Row Detail Form • support Big database (Tested on 350MB 2,5 million Rows). • Open encrypt database with Password • View record relationships • open cloud database by click on File Notes: This application does not support Insert Data, Edit Data and Delete Rows, Also it does not display queries and forms (I'm working on this). If you face any problems or you have any suggest on our database app please contact us. [email protected]