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Play the Google Play’s #1 Classic SolitaireKlondike SolitairePatience Game! Solitaire Arena 3 offers exciting, thrilling, and challenging matches with additional power-ups to maximize your chances at winning. Join over 4 MILLION registered players worldwide! ================= Sick and tired of playing boring solitaire games with no pizzazz? Download Solitaire Arena 3, the #1 solitaire card game in Google Play, featuring all-exciting tournaments, thrilling matches, and an extremely user-friendly interface. Solitaire Arena 3 plays just like classic solitaire games (Spider Solitaire and FreeCell), but with an upgraded twist of drawing 3 cards instead of 1. Play solitaire with friends or against real-time opponents from across the globe for the ultimate challenge. Enjoy the game’s modern and crisp graphics, smooth transitions, and attractive power-ups for the ultimate game experience. SOLITAIRE ARENA 3 FEATURES: - Daily rewards - All day 8 people tournaments - One-on-one challenges - Power-ups ...And more! DAILY REWARDS - Grab daily rewards by logging into Solitaire Arena 3 everyday for exciting rewards! ALL DAY TOURNAMENTS - Play against opponents in an all day 8-man tournament and earn your place on the solitaire leaderboard. POWER-UPS - Hints: Use hints to help you strategize your way through any match. - Unlimited Undos: Fix your last move with the game’s unlimited undo ability; undo as many times as you like until you’re satisfied. - Magic: Reveal hidden cards and use them to your advantage. DOWNLOAD Solitaire Arena 3 today! Love the game? LIKE US on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comSolitaire3Arena Have something to say to us? Drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to improve the game for all users! ================= Created by RockYou. Solitaire Arena 3 is playable on Google Play and Facebook. The game does not share your personal information with other players or any 3rd party application.