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GOOGLEID: com.onegravity.k10.pro2
Title: [email protected] Mail Pro
Version: 1.10.1 | Looking For com.onegravity.k10.pro2 Other Version Click Here
Code: 131
Android Version: 4.0.x
Size: 6.76 MB
MD5: 90fb9468d7276dd069d029088b86565d
Keyword: onegravity,pro2,communication,mail
[email protected] Mail Pro 1.10.1.apk named id com.onegravity.k10.pro2 can find in onegravity,pro2,communication,mail size for Download 4587121 Support SDK 14 Android version 4.0.x.

Changes in 1.10.1 Version:
Added support for Gmail OAUTH2 authentication to increase security. This means no password is needed any more and also no need to enable the option "allow less secure apps to access your account". Please note that you can't convert already set-up accounts to use the new authentication mechanism, you need to add a new account: https://youtu.be/7ieY5uK4YEE Modifications to comply with the new permission model of Android 6.0 The app uses now material-design address chips when composing messages

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Fingerprint: DA:AF:62:F9:42:08:77:50:58:BA:66:45:7F:50:80:32:BD:81:37:A0
CN=Emanuel Moecklin, OU=Unknown, O=1gravity LLC, L=Hampton, ST=New Hampshire, C=US

Download [email protected] Mail Pro 1.10.1.apk