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Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder

Download Samsung Voice Recorder com.sec.android.app.voicenote

GOOGLEID: com.sec.android.app.voicenote
Title: Samsung Voice Recorder
Version: | Looking For com.sec.android.app.voicenote Other Version Click Here
Code: 2021106110
Android Version:
Size: 11.88 MB
MD5: daf84b402068c7b577ffe38f60f91147
Keyword: android,voicenote,tools,voice,recorder
Samsung Voice Recorder named id com.sec.android.app.voicenote can find in android,voicenote,tools,voice,recorder size for Download 7825896 Support SDK 28 Android version .

Changes in Version:
v21.1.04.10 update include: - Support Night Mode - Showing user guide to exclude Voice Recorder from sleeping application list (make recording possible in background) - Support Convert Speech To Text in the recording file - Add recent search history

com.sec.android.app.voicenote.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 9C:A5:17:0F:38:19:19:DF:E0:44:6F:CD:AB:18:B1:9A:14:3B:31:63
EMAILADDRESS=android.os@samsung.com, CN=Samsung Cert, OU=DMC, O=Samsung Corporation, L=Suwon City, ST=South Korea, C=KR

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