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IP Tools is a strong network utility set for analyzing and adjusting networks easily . So you can ping or to trace Route IP address from multiple locations. This is a right app for IT specialists and network administrators or anyone who wishes to check connectivity between machines. In additions, it also equipped with handy CIDR calculator and port scanner. Now download the IP Tools to your smartphone and get advantages from using them right now. The app is checked by us in many other operating systems and in their OSI nic cards. What is new ? ✓ New What is my IP?. ✓ New Network Speed Test. ✓ Network Traceroute improved. Note: ✓ it is easy to use ! ✓ No special permissions required! ✓ Simple UI ✓ Instant Developer Support IP Tools Features: •You can Ping IP address from a remote location. •You can Trace Route IP from a remote location. •You can Convert IP address range to CIDR. •You can Convert CIDR to IP address Range easily. *You can use HTTP TEST TOOL *You can What is my IP activity to see your external Ip address and easily copy it. *You can see your network speed right inside the Ip Tools app. IP Tools Features More: ✓ LAN scanner ✓ What is my IP ✓ Network Speed Test ✓ Port scanner ✓ Advanced Ping ✓ New HTTP TEST TOOL ✓ IP Calculator ✓ IP & Host Converter ✓ And much more will be added in every update. IP Tools Feature Overview: ✓ Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) • Compute Maximum number of Subnets and Hosts; CIDR Network, Address Range Easily. ✓ its Class full •Compute base on class range. •Compute maximum number of Subnets and Hosts; Subnet ID, Broadcast, ✓ IP Conversion, from • Dotted decimal IP address • Decimal value • Dotted hexadecimal IP address • Dotted binary IP address Advertising Policy Disclosure: We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running, IP tool App is ad-supported to generate some revenue. Thank you for understanding.

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