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Experience Minecraft like never before with Minecraft: Story Mode. Minecraft has always been about huge open open-world exploration but it is time for it to become much more. Minecraft: Story Mode brings an adventure of epic proportion, with amazing characters to root for and incredible twists to take part in. You are the protagonist of this five part episodic series. Become either a female or a male hero called Jesse and embark on a dangerous journey through the Overworld. Your mission is a tough one. You have to save The Order of the Stone, the slayers of the Ender Dragon, in order to save the world from complete chaos and oblivion. The world is in danger and you are the only one who can save it! The journey will be long and filled with tough decisions to make. Talk to people and choose your words wisely, because every small decision matters! Minecraft: Story Mode is brought to you by the expert storytelling game makers known as Telltale Games and includes amazing voice actors like Patton Oswalt, Corey Feldman and many more! Fight your way to the end, make tough life-saving decisions and become a hero in Minecraft: Story Mode.

MCSM 1.13

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