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A smarter way to watch the sun and moon. Quickly calculate sun and moon activity. * Calculates the following data: - Sunrise - Solar noon - Sunset - Twilight times - Equation of time - Declination - Azimuth of sunrise and sunset - Altitude of sun at noon - Moon rise - Moon transit - Moon set - Declination - Azimuth of moon rise and moon set - Altitude of moon during transit - Date of next new/full moon - Sun Path during the day - Moon Path during the day - Solstice and Equinox dates * Specify a location by : - GPS receiver - list of more than 30000 cities - WGS-84 coordinates * Any date between 01/01/1901 and 01/31/2099 can be selected * Special layout for tablet devices (8-inch and larger) * Information can be shared on Twitter and Facebook Please note that the accuracy of the calculations decreases for locations north of 65°N and south of 65°S