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HiPER Calc Pro 5.2.2

HiPER Calc Pro 5.2.2

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GOOGLEID: cz.hipercalc.pro
Title: HiPER Calc Pro
Version: 5.2.2 | Looking For cz.hipercalc.pro Other Version Click Here
Code: 65
Android Version: 4.0.x
Size: 2.63 MB
MD5: 152216436979d4b728965d9c6dcb37bd
Keyword: hipercalc,tools,hiper,calc
HiPER Calc Pro 5.2.2.apk named id cz.hipercalc.pro can find in hipercalc,tools,hiper,calc size for Download 3516838 Support SDK 14 Android version 4.0.x.

Changes in 5.2.2 Version:
- Result history items can be deleted individually - RPN mode: X register is duplicated when pressing Enter - RPN mode: percentage calculation improved - New detail: division with remainders - Bugfixes and minor improvements

cz.hipercalc.pro.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: FC:E8:1E:3C:81:82:C6:19:4C:01:80:22:A5:45:B8:EB:26:5B:07:3B
O=HiPERDevelopment, L=Prague, ST=Czech Republic, C=CZ

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