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InnoRDP is a fast and secure application to access your desktop from anywhere. The simple installation, intuitive usage, session bookmarks, customizable resolutions and the powerful features bring remote desktop access to a higher level and makes InnoRDP your perfect choice. InnoRDP supports all operating systems that support Terminal Services respectively Remote Desktop Services out of the box. Because live by advertising, if the ad fails to load, it will restrict the use of time! Screen rotation will lead to reconnect, and then reload the ads, you can disable the rotation in the settings. Sorry. *** Features Overview *** Scan remote server WakeOnLAN(WOL) Android Client Optimized for gesture sensitive phones and tablets Full RDP integration Customizable resolutions Bookmark manager Advanced performance settings (3G network) Console mode RDP/NLA/TLS or automatic encryption mode Touch Pointer - Mouse Pointer designed for working with gestures *** Optimized for Android and gestures *** Touch Pointer - Mouse Pointer designed for controlling mouse and keyboard with gestures Auto fit and customizeable resolutions Custom keyboard featuring all keys found on a traditional PC keyboard *** Integration of RDP protocol in Android *** support of the latest RDP protocol version 7.1 Optimized compression and caching for mobile networks (3G) RemoteFX support with NEON optimizations NSCodec (fast 32-Bit bitmap compression) support High security standards - RDP/NLA/TLS or automatic encryption mode You must know that Microsoft has removed Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) from the Windows Home/Basic editions. In order to access those Windows systems with any RDP client you have to install an alternative Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) solution. We recommend "Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal Server" (http://www.thinstuff.com/products/xpvs-server/)! Author: Mori Lin. Sann-tîng-poo