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Raiffeisen Online Russia 5.13.74

Raiffeisen Online Russia 5.13.74

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GOOGLEID: ru.raiffeisennews
Title: Raiffeisen Online Russia
Version: 5.13.74 | Looking For ru.raiffeisennews Other Version Click Here
Code: 668
Android Version:
Size: 53.41 MB
MD5: f95d4e740688a04dbb9541cf26cb9ba7
Keyword: raiffeisennews,finance,raiffeisen
Raiffeisen Online Russia 5.13.74.apk named id ru.raiffeisennews can find in raiffeisennews,finance,raiffeisen size for Download 20900088 Support SDK 21 Android version .

Changes in 5.13.74 Version:
If ruling an app is straightforward, it saves you time. We made a new item 'by QR code' in the Payments section so that you can quickly find the needful service. The main menu has become unified: sidebar items have been moved to the More tab at the bottom of the screen. Also, you do not have to specifically check incoming messages anymore, because the bell widget on the main page will inform you about new accruals or special offers.

ru.raiffeisennews.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: E7:C1:1F:A0:70:E9:78:23:E3:DD:5A:09:12:E4:B7:05:58:7B:3B:07
CN=Maxim Andreev, OU=Unknown, O=Raiffeisenbank, L=Moscow, ST=Unknown, C=Unknown

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