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Map Coordinates 4.7.5

Map Coordinates 4.7.5

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GOOGLEID: sands.mapCoordinates.android
Title: Map Coordinates
Version: 4.7.5 | Looking For sands.mapCoordinates.android Other Version Click Here
Code: 209
Android Version: 4.0.x
Size: 3.57 MB
MD5: 999dca9f8ca4a2f6e549e52aa71d687d
Keyword: sands,mapcoordinates,android,maps,navigation,coordinates
Map Coordinates 4.7.5.apk named id sands.mapCoordinates.android can find in sands,mapcoordinates,android,maps,navigation,coordinates size for Download 25022215 Support SDK 15 Android version 4.0.x.

Changes in 4.7.5 Version:
- Removed Donations section from AboutUs to be compliant with play developer policy. - Increased map header width on tablets to make more room for coordinates - Fixed Alias value not visible in History / Favorites - Show a message if there is no app to handle "Get directions" option

sands.mapCoordinates.android.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: CB:91:F7:13:C8:0D:E6:71:1F:50:09:1E:C1:2E:C2:49:6C:31:AB:E3

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