Open Browser

Open Browser is a market-proven web browser which has been deployed to over 200 countries and regions since its born.
Now, Open Browser evolves to the 2nd generation, bringing brand-new user experience to TV audiences, simple but fashionable UI, easy and smooth control with your remote controllers.

What is more?
Besides outstanding user experience, Open Browser selects personlized contents for you based on AI powered recommendation engine.
The recommendation covers global OTT portfolios, such as news, videos, games, etc.

With handpicked functions, you can embrace brilliant contents from world wide web.
* Multiple tabs
Browse different web pages simutaneously and switch between them in an easy way.
* Multi-language
Multi-language support makes barrier-free browsing.
* USB keyboard and USB mouse
Explore Open Browser with your USB keyboard and USB mouse.
* Zoom in and Zoom out
Scale your favourite website to preferable size.
* Page layout switch
Switch the layout to find the best viewing experience of web pages on TV.
* Incognito mode
Private browse, in this mode, browsing history will not be recorded.

Unwind your brain, more to explore freely.

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