Slime Master – Slime Simulator Antistress & ASMR

Slime Master is a super realistic slime simulator!

Life is stressing you out? We know a way to keep you sane! We make over 60+ multifarious slimes for soothing relaxation, visual satisfaction, and innocent fun.

Here are the fantastic and realistic slimes and we’re still even making more!

* Yellow Duck: A bunch of ducks float on the water.
* Rainbow Unicore: Several Unicorns running in the rainbow eddy.
* Quick Silver: A liquid like quicksilver but with more reflections.
* Fallen Leaves: In the autumn, leveas become read or yellow, and fallen on the water.
* Galaxy: Earth in the galaxy, with millions shiny stars in the universe.
* Panda Ice Cream: Delicious and cute panda icecream, you will feel hungry when you play it!
* And so on…

We prepared each day slime for you, so you can play different slimes everyday. One slime a day, keep stress away!!

Download Slime Master now! Your stress will gone after you play with these slimes!

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