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Keto diet – recipes and menus for the week.

Have you been up to eating right for a long time, keeping a food diary, or maybe you are tired of intermittent fasting or start counting calories? Or even you want to try the keto diet?
Get started eating healthy with our app.
This app contains a large free catalog of a wide variety of low-carb dishes and recipes! Now lots of keto recipes are gathered in one application for free! Choose your favorite recipe that will allow you to reach ketosis and diversify your diet.

Also, the application gives advice on how to properly organize a food diary, how to count calories, and do the calculation for yourself. It will help you pick a menu for a week and tell you what the cutting and intermittent fasting are with fatsecret. There are also categories that tell you what not to eat in the chosen list of products. In general, this is your mi fit, only in Russian.

Features of the Keto diet app with recipes and menus for the week:

– Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Macro ingredients calculation for free
– Calorie counting for free
– Keto diet calculator

Categories of the Keto diet app in Russian for free:
– About the keto diet
– Keto menu
– Recipes
– What can you eat
– Tips
– Ketosis
– Fatsecret
– Calorie counter
– The benefits of the diet

Do you like a recipe? Would you like to add it to the app? You can send it to us via email and we will definitely add it in the next update!

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